Friday, 19 December 2014

that Christmas feeling #4

Winter chills

Snow and frost are the idyllic scenes of Christmas: the crispy floor; the condensation on the windows; the darkness of bitter mornings. However, all of these 'dreamy' things have a not-so-bright side which definitely makes them not so desirable!

I will not lie, I'm actually not a huge fan of the snow. Everyone gets super excited for the snow (with good reason I suppose if you like snow ball fights!) but I really despise the cold. I do love going sledging though ... and the hot chocolates by the fire when you come back in... But I really don't like being cold, I miss the hot blissful summer soo much.

Admittedly I love the traditional wish for a white Christmas, it's just a lovely peaceful concept! But one day I seriously want to go somewhere hot for Christmas, where I can lounge by the poolside and have a barbecued Christmas dinner. This is definitely on my bucket list! It's a wonderful time of year and the winter season is stereotypically attributed to Christmas but it's so darn chilly. That's my perfect version of a Winter Wonderland.

Another problem is having to think more about your wardrobe. You have to dress preparing for almost every weather. You need an umbrella or something waterproof in case it rains, you need a nice and toasty coat (and warm socks, my feet get freezing!) even though I think I have quite good circulation? Plus it's a brave move to wear a skirt as you face both the cold and the wind!

I love the colours of winter though; the smoky charcoals, the browns, the Christmassy colours ... It's just fabulous. I love Christmas jumpers too, and just any interesting warm ones too! I'm planning on doing a post about my favourite jumpers soon... Ones that are perfect for snuggling up in by the fire!

So basically, don't get me wrong, I do like winter and snow (to an extent) I just prefer being warm, in a way it makes you appreciate the summer more. Therefore, I will enjoy it while it's here as I love the joy other people feel. It hasn't actually snowed here yet in England but maybe soon?



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