Wednesday, 3 December 2014

that Christmas feeling 2014 #1

This December I'm going to tell you about the things I love at Christmas time. Now, I'm that annoying friend you have who sings Christmas songs all year round waiting for the final season of the year. Hearing people saying you're going to get 'bad luck' for singing songs in November doesn't bother me, I love Christmas so much. So here's a list of some of the ultimate things that make my Christmas perfect:

1) favourite Christmas movie
This is a hard one as its a toss up between 'Elf' and 'The Santa Clause'. I literally love them both and they remind me of my childhood. Christmas isn't the same without them. This can also be said for 'Love Actually', which is another fabulous feel-good Christmassy movie! 

2) favourite Christmas song
As I said in the introduction I LOVE CHRISTMAS SONGS!! I've already listened to my spotify playlist of awesome Christmas songs too often (which is practically impossible). I love to have a little listen to Michael Buble his voice is liquid Christmas!! However, my favourite overall is 'Silver Bells' by Doris Day. It's perfect. 

3) favourite decoration
This one speaks for itself. It's just awesome. 

4) what I just love 

Christmas crackers!! They're just such great fun and I love the hats! The jokes are.... I don't think there are words for their lame fun. Last year though we had Christmas crackers with riddles in and they were great. I have a pile of the little toys like the frog which can jump, and also a bell from where we had a set crackers that came with music sheets so we could play Christmas songs with little hand bells!

5) what everyone should love
The face of happiness on your friends and family. This is what Christmas was meant for, a time for peace and rejuvenation to prepare for the next oncoming year: 2015. I wish all of you as much happiness as I feel during the Christmas period! :)




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  2. Great post! c: x

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  4. Elf is awesome and that duck is funny :) :D

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