Saturday, 8 November 2014

bonuslifepoints #1: dreams.

The reality of future.

'We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep.'
The Tempest, Shakespeare

When we were little we all dreamed. Whatever it was, the future was always positive. Always. But as the years pass doubt begins to slither in and affect these dreams. We try to mature (because as a child you tend to think that you're an adult!! I wish I hadn't tried to grow up so fast...) and hence become 'realists'. Yet, consider the fact that during the night your unconscious dreams continue to animate, to bring you emotion and will. Hasn't everyone experienced a nightmare and woken up crying? This could be seen as your subconscious trying to convey a message,  (yes... Even nightmares could be showing this). So when you have a dream try to fight for it as perhaps it is your doubt in yourself that stops you persevering.

In fact, in Greek and Roman times dreams were believed to be messages from deities or predictions of the future. Obviously for some dreams this can't be true, but they could symbolise something that is on your mind. This is more of a psychoanalytic perspective of dreams, as Freud stated that dreams could show our repressed childhood memories. Have a little think about your latest dream, does it mirror anything that is happening in the present, the past or the future? Chinese history even provides the idea that the soul leaves the body and embarks on a journey towards spiritual awakening. All of these ideas seem stem right back to the same idea: that dreams reflect your life. 

All in all, when sometimes our reality is hard to overcome we must always clutch our future dreams tightly for our own peace and sanctuary. This is super deep, I know, but a boost is sometimes all we need, I know I need it sometimes. I won't give up hope in my dreams, as I believe they will happen with courage and perseverance. Age shouldn't change this, and I know my dream hasn't changed since I was little. Even in The Tempest Caliban, the monster, is able to achieve his dream of freedom, despite his confinement, as he 'cried to dream again'.