Sunday, 16 November 2014

reviewing #1: Sam Smith - In the Lonely Hour

An album I find CONSTANTLY on replay is 'In the Lonely Hour' by Sam Smith. his soulful voice captures me and I always seem to stop what I'm doing to indulge myself in his captivating outburst of emotions. 

Each individual song portrays an unforgettable new feeling, but even Sam Smith himself stated on Digital Spy that the overarching theme of the album is 'sad'. But don't let this prevent you from listening to the album; the story of each one is powerful as he bravely reveals his emotive events and desires to his captive audience. His signature voice adds to the profound sincerity of what some might describe as an 'acoustic orgasm'. This passion is exhibited in 'Life Support' and 'Restart'; 2 of my favorite heart-melting songs on the album. You can easily see how this debut album has become a worldwide hit.

I thoroughly recommend that you listen to this album. Sam Smith described it (again in the interview with Digital Spy) as 'my way of defining what is love, and how unrequited love is just as painful, just as powerful, as what we call 'normal' love'. This is explicitly illustrated in 'Not in that Way'; demonstrating an unforgettable questioning of love itself. It's an unforgettable whispering song whose lyrics echo within you for hours afterwards. Oh yes... he's that good at singing. 

It is clear why he won the BBC sound of 2014. I think most people would have heard of him first in Naughty Boys 'La La La', in which he was excellent too. It definitely helped this album to become the 2nd biggest selling album of 2014 (just behind 1989 by Taylor Swift). However, my overall definite favorite is 'Like I Can', which is set for release as a single in December, as it is sooo catchy! The whole album is easy to listen to and in my opinion it is one of the best songs on the entire album - so it must be darn good.

Overall, I think basically everyone would want to have a little listen to 'In the Lonely Hour'. Everybody (ish :D) will have some sort of emotional connection to it at some point in their lives. This fervent album should definitely be put on your Christmas wish-lists!

Here is a link to the interview with him on Digital Spy: HERE



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