Sunday, 26 October 2014

On those rainy days...

The rain has returned to England (not that it ever left) and on those days I sit at the window, with the rain slamming against the widow panes, with a mug of tea clutched in my hands. It's the stereotypical British philosophy; when something even remotely different happens we ponder with the kettle on. 

But there was this one day which was different. My life had come to one of those standstill moments where schoolwork, friends and family and my lack of any hobbies (unless watching the tv counts) were actually kinda boring (don't get me wrong I still love everything/one). I listened to Mumford and Sons 'Hopeless Wonderer' on repeat and I, stirring in my sugar, realized that my life was like a quest leading to a pretty dank place and, quite frankly, where quite a few too many people have ended up: lost.
So basically I was having an existential crisis - more or less...

And this is the bitter sweet conclusion I came to: I want to express my life more literally and in a visual and relatable format so that perhaps others can see their lives slightly differently. So here it is and here I am.

So just relax and put your feet up and read on, but first let me finish my cup of tea.



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